Terms of Beauty II, 33 x 15 x 16 cm each, ceramic celadon 2004-2007
Each piece is hand-sculpted on a base of slip cast

Talking Three Graces, digital lightjet print, aluminum, plexiglass, 120 x 185cm, 2009, Edition 7

Secretive Three Graces, digital lightjet print, aluminum, plexiglass, 150 x 170cm, 2009, Edition 8

Shy Grace, digital lightjet print, aluminum, plexiglass, 220x100cm, 2007, Edition 7

Masturbating Grace, digital lightjet print, aluminum, plexiglass, 220x100cm, 2007, Edition 7

Two Graces-White, digital lightjet print, aluminum, plexiglass,120x145cm, 2008, Edition 7


ARTIST STATEMENT - ‘Graces’ Series
Artist Statement - ‘Graces’ Series The portrayal of the female nude within the context of art history has a long tradition of idealizing the female body as a subject of art. The tradition of figurative sculpture has strived to immortalize the ideal female form; portrait painting has explored countless styles of depicting women as muses; photography has become the most dominant media in shaping trends of beauty in contemporary culture. If beauty is a cultural conception, what could be a better way to understand a culture and a time than examining such phenomenon? The ‘Graces’ series challenges the familiar and stereotypical idealization of the female body by combining bodies of actual Asian women with western classical goddess heads. The digitally altered skin texture to marble-like smoothness further intensifies the illusive power of these figures. Each ‘Grace’ is captured in the midst of an everyday act, as opposed to an idealized pose of a classical sculpture. Furthermore, each image depicts a specific cultural gesture commonly seen in contemporary Asian society. These ‘graces’ are in essence, a metaphorical depiction of current cultural dynamics and characteristics of the Asian urban culture. At the same time, the intentional positioning of the figures against unspecified space and setting invites open interpretations of the ‘reality’ of these images according to the perception of each viewer.The ‘Graces’ series deconstructs the practice of figurative sculpture and portrait photography through a subversive manipulation of perception and reality. These hybrid figures exist in an illusive realm of the actual with ideal, past and present, and the oriental and occidental, simultaneously embodying all of these contradictions. They reflect challenges and dilemmas of today’s global societies.


1999 M.F.A., New Forms, Pratt Institute, New York
1993 B.A., Art, University of California Los Angeles

2007   The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, New York
2007   ARCUS Project, Artist-in-Residence, Ibaraki, Japan
2006   Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Artist-in-Residence, Nebraska, USA
2006    Schinkel Progressive Residency, Artist-in-Residence, Berlin
2004    Ssamzie Space, Artist-in-Residence, Seoul
2003    Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art, International Artist Residency, Gwangju, Korea
2001    Vermont Studio Center Full Fellowship Award, Artist-in-Residence, Vermont, USA.
2000    Korea Arts Foundation of America Visual Arts Award, Los Angeles        
1991- 93  UCLA Lilian Levinson Art Fellowship, Los Angeles

2009   Hybrid Graces, LA Contemporary, Los Angeles
2008   Hybrid Graces, TouchART Gallery, Heiri Art Valley, Korea
2007   Debbie Han, Galeria Punto, Valencia, Spain
2006   Visions of Beauty, Freddie Fong Gallery, San Francisco
2006   DEBBIEHAN, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul
2005   Terms of Beauty, Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul
2004   I dealistic Oddity, Brain Factory Gallery, Seoul
2002   Condom Series, Gallery 825, Los Angeles     
1999   Sweet World, Steuben East Gallery, New York

2008   Daegu Photo Biennale, EXCO, Daegu, Korea
---------The Border of Virtuality, Hanjiyun Contemporary Space, Beijing
---------Good Morning Mr. Nam June Paik, The Korean Cultural Center UK, London
---------A’s Paradise, Songgok Museum, Seoul
---------Body, Mind, and Soul, LA Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
---------The Big and Hip Korean Photography, Rho Gallery, Seoul
---------Stands Off 08, Galeria Punto, Valencia, Spain
---------Asian Art in London, I-MYU Project, London
---------Salon de la Photo Paris Porte de Versailles, Louvre, Paris

2007   Crossing Realities, Wilhelm hack Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany ---------Gegen den Strich, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
---------To the Furthest Verge, I – MYU Projects, London
---------ARCUS Project Open Studio Exhibition, Ibaraki, Japan
---------Reconstructing Masterpieces, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, -----------Seoul In Touch of the Present, Wada Fine Arts, Tokyo                       
---------Society, Trunk Gallery, Seoul

2006   Media City Special Exhibition: Mertz’s Room, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
            Made in Korea, Gallerie Martine et Thibault de la Chartre, Paris
            Hybrid Trend, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul
            Spotlight Thirty Women, Papertainer Museum, Seoul        
            Urban Legend: Blurring Spaces, Sasmzie space, Seoul
            Ultrasense, Topohouse Gallery, Seoul
            Christie’s Auction, Hong Kong

2005   Reinventing Heritage, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul
            Media in ‘F”, Ewha Arts Center, Seoul
            Open Studio Exhibition, Ssamzie Space, Seoul
            Gourmet, Cais Gallery, Seoul
            Mobile Home Project, Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica

2004    Composition and Center, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul

2003    Pillars, Leband Art Gallery, Los Angeles

2002    Santa Monica College Faculty Exhibition, Madison Gallery, Santa Monica                                 
            Juried Alumni Exhibition, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York
            L.A. Portraits, Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California                                                          
            Winter Group Show, BGH Gallery, Santa Monica                                 
            Relative Objects, Post Gallery, Los Angeles                    

2001    KAFA Award for Visual Arts Exhibition, Korean Cultural Center Gallery, Los Angeles 
            Pulp, Gallery 825, Los Angeles
            $99 SHOW, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, California

2000    ART2000: Applauding Revolutionary Talent, Millard Sheets Gallery, Pomona, California                           
            Contemporary Art 2000, Korean Cultural Center Gallery, Los Angeles                                

1999    Apocalypse

1999, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, New York
            New Art ’99, Kingston Gallery, Boston     
            National Juried Exhibition, Cinque Gallery, New York

1997    Spirituality in Art, Freddie Fong Contemporary Art Gallery, San Francisco

1994    Downtown Lives, Downtown Arts Development Association, Los Angeles
            Indigenous People, T. Heritage Gallery, Los Angeles